Rittal New Zealand's "Kick The Tyres" Tour



The Rittal mobile showroom tour kicks off again in February starting in the South Island and making its way to the North Island of New Zealand.

As New Zealand is a very spread out country spanning 1928kms  it often makes tradeshows costly and difficult for the market to attend.  The mobile showroom allows us to introduce our solutions to the entire NZ market, on average, the tour will see over 3000 customers, travel 9000 kilometres and take 3 months to complete.

The mobile display contains fully operational product that enable live demonstrations for both Industrial and IT solutions.  Visitors will experience an extensive range of products from industrial enlcosures and cooling units, through to power distribution solutions and IT infrastructure.

This value added service enables the Rittal team to talk through options, demonstrate solutions, provide answers and ensure customers receive meaningful technical information. 

Please note: Vehicle featured in video is our Australian demonstration vehicle.

Tell us where we should go next, email us at visitme@rittal.com.au to organise a call at your location.