Free ROI Calculation for CNC Machining Centres


CNC machining centres, such as the Perforex range from Rittal Automation Systems, deliver significantly improved efficiency when processing panels in comparison to manual approaches. In fact, it is possible to achieve time savings of up to 66%. Rittal ANZ offer a FREE return on investment (ROI) calculation service helping customers accurately gauge how quickly the purchase of a Perforex solution will pay for itself.

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The Perforex range is designed for panel building and switchgear manufacturing to optimise the
machining of enclosure panels in the workshop and boost efficiency. Perforex machining centres can automatically create holes, threads and milled surfaces. All standard materials used in enclosure manufacturing, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper, as well as various plastics and other machinable materials, mounting plates, doors, covers, console panels, housings etc. may be machined..

Moreover, an automatic tool changer allows multiple tasks to be performed in a single operation, without the need for human intervention. Importing wiring layout and electrical engineering data from Eplan Pro Panel design software further enhances productivity.

Proven efficiency gains under real-world conditions

Fill, a mid-sized Austrian-based engineering company, acquired a Perforex system in 2016. This has enabled a 66% reduction in the time needed to machine flat parts for enclosures. Seamless data integration has a key role to play: electrical engineering and wiring layout information generated within Eplan Pro Panel software is transferred to the Perforex system for immediate use in manufacturing. Fill produces approximately 2,000 housings and enclosures annually.

Rittal ANZ offers a FREE calculation that demonstrates how a Perforex system can deliver a rapid and tangible return on investment even for low production volumes. Customers simply enter the typical manufacturing quantity, current machining cycle time, and labour rates per hours, and in return will be provided with the corresponding payback period for a variety of Perforex models.

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