Rittal Australia's "Kick The Tyres" Tour Hits The Road


The new Rittal demonstration vehicle has hit the streets and is sure to make an instant impact with all those that see it.

Director of Sales, Brad Riach commented, “Australia is a sparsley populated country that makes it difficult to reach all customers via typical events, the mobile showroom allows us to bring the “Trade Show“ to the entire Australian market.”

 The mobile display contains fully operational product that enable live demonstrations for both Industrial and IT solutions.  Visitors will experience an extensive range of products from industrial enlcosures and cooling units, through to power distribution solutions and IT infrastructure.

Brad Riach added “Innovation and depth of product range are key benefits of partnering with Rittal, we will ensure that the vehicle will be continually updated as new products arrive”. 

This value added service enables the Rittal team to talk through options, demonstrate solutions, provide answers and ensure customers receive meaningful technical information. Brad Riach concluded, “Our customers get to see our product up close, to understand the quality that differentiates us from our competitors and and to identify how these solutions provide tangible benefits to their own organisation.”

Tell us where we should go next, email us at visitme@rittal.com.au to organise a call at your location.