Future proofing outdoor infrastructure


With more than $100bn scheduled to be spent on transport infrastructure across Australia in the coming years, it’s become imperative that this spending is future proofed.

When adopting emerging technologies, it is important to proceed with caution as not to negate future opportunities. There are certain guidelines we would recommend you follow when reviewing your options:


Ensure your solution can grow with the demands of the hardware utilised in the processing of high volume data. Modularity of enclosures provides simplicity for emergent and future technology integration.


Bandwidth and latency will become more critical with the increase of data required at the edge and ensuring the critical real time data is kept closer to the action whilst less critical data is kept in the cloud. Outdoor enclosures provide the necessary environment for external edge applications.


As the hardware for processing evolves, monitoring becomes critical to ensure that life expectancy is achieved and any costly downtime is mitigated. Monitoring cooling unit performance and predictive maintenance via IoT, access control, smoke detection and fire suppression are just a few ways to provide the certainty required.

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